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News 4 Investigates: Health Club Thefts

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 A pair of thieves have been making the rounds to local health clubs to steal from customers. Chesterfield Police believe, in October, they hit a Gold's gym in Manchester, a 24 Hour Fitness in Chesterfield and another health club in Arnold. They've been able to steal valuables from customers' locked cars without breaking out any windows.

 Here's how they do it. To get in without a membership, they'll follow a group of people into the door and sneak in without having a membership or use a guest pass to get access to the club. Once inside they'll go into a locker room and go through unlocked lockers. The thieves will take car keys, head to the parking lot and then start pushing the remote control door locks to locate the vehicles. From there they unlock the car doors and steal whatever valuables are left inside, wallets GPS devices, jewelry, cell phones and iPods.

Of course the way to solve this crime is simple, put a lock on the locker. Many gyms sell locks or have the coin operated lockers like you find at swimming pools. Some customers think it's unnecessary to lock up their stuff, if they leave their valuables in the car. But if the crooks can get to your keys, they can get to you wallet.

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