Attorney: Joyce Meyer Ministries might be forced to testify -

Attorney: Joyce Meyer Ministries might be forced to testify

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

St. Louis (KMOV) - The plaintiff in the Christoper Coleman case intend to put Coleman's former employer on the stand.

Christopher Coleman is charged with killing his wife Sheri and their two sons last May. Now, attorneys for Sheri Coleman's relatives are attempting to sue Coleman's employer, Joyce Meyer Ministries.
The attorney for the family traveled to St. Louis from Chicago while the attorney for Joyce Meyer came from Tulsa. In the end, though, the hearing was continued.
Enrico Mirabelli, Sheri Coleman's cousin, and Sheri's brother Wario Weiss, were also in court today. They want to know what, if anything the ministry knew of Coleman's affair with Tara Lintz. They also want to know whether or not they could have prevented the murders had they done something differently once they learned of the supposed threats sent to Christopher
Attorneys for Joyce Meyer Ministries say they're disappointed the hearing was continued. Ultimately, though, they believe the ministries will be found to have had no responsibility for the deaths of Sheri, Gavin and Garett.
The parties are due back in court December 18th. While it's possible Joyce Meyer and the others could be deposed before then, there's a chance she may not have to take the stand at all.

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