Section of Central West End street to lower speed limit -

Section of Central West End street to lower speed limit

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Citing safety concerns, the city of St. Louis will lower the speed limit Tuesday on a section of Forest Park Parkway in the Central West End.

 The move comes after several accidents in the area. Just a few weeks ago, a person riding a bike was hit by a car crossing the intersection of Forest Park Parkway and Euclid Avenue.

“I was down here yesterday for the first time and there was a car coming this direction easily going 60 mph and we were waiting, but my god, someone’s going to be killed,” said resident Teresa Syed.

To make it more pedestrian-friendly, the city streets department is reducing the speed between Grand and Kingshighway on Forest Park Parkway.

The new speed limit will be 30 mph.

“People jaywalk here all the time, it’s easy for drivers not to pay attention,” said resident Jane Luby.

Drivers for the next two weeks can expect to see signs and message boards warning drivers of the new speed.

If necessary, police will write tickets, as the city says the speed limit will be enforced.

“I work at Barnes and cross this often and I think it would be really good ‘cause you only get 30 seconds to cross and it’s not a very long time, especially for some of the elderly,” said Adrienne Moore.


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