Sewage spill stinks up neighborhood street in Metro East -

Sewage spill stinks up neighborhood street in Metro East

CENTREVILLE, Ill. (KMOV) – Overflowing sewage has caused stinky, standing water to settle on both sides of a neighborhood street in Centreville, Illinois.

A News 4 viewer said rain on Friday caused an overflow of the sewer in the 4900 block of Piggot Avenue. The excess raw sewage now covers the entire street for half a block.

The storm drain appeared to be clogged, which is preventing the sewer water from draining off the street causing the stench and health risks to residents.

“We have got toddlers down here.  You see the toys, they play in this stuff,” Riley Owens, a resident, said.

Owens says it has been an ongoing problem for years.  The manager for Commonfields of Cahokia told News 4 that one of the pumps sometimes goes out and causes an overflow.

The clogged storm drain is the responsibility of Centreville’s Street Department, but its workers have been off since Friday in observance of the Columbus Day holiday.

News 4 will be sure to stay on top of this story as more updates become available.

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