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'Evil was involved': Small town stunned by gruesome murders

LEAKEY, Tx. (KENS5.com) -- The small town in the Texas Hill Country has been left shaken after two of its residents were shot and killed by the man they were trying to help.

Robert Bryan Jones had developed a reputation in the quiet community of Camp Wood. Some of the neighbors even had a nickname for him.

"All I know is that it was Lonesome Bob and it was expected," said Jaret Casteel, who lives down the street. And had he not been home on Saturday night, Casteel would have been dangerously close to the tragic events that have stunned the entire community.

Neighbors said Jones's house on Rim Rock Road caught on fire. An alert neighbor, who saw the flames, ran over to help. Jones allegedly shot the man and set his car on fire, burning the man's body inside.

Jones then fired at a mother and her daughter as they drove by his house. The mother was shot and killed, authorities said, while the daughter was wounded but still able to escape.

The girl ran to Casteel's house and called 911.

"We just came back and found blood on the front porch in a broken window and then blood inside," he said.

Real County Sheriff's deputies found Jones's body on his property. He had died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The names of the victims have not been released.

"Like my dad said this morning, he never thought he would see any pain on this dirt road," Casteel said, still in disbelief that such a grisly crime could occur in his quiet neighborhood.

"Evil was involved, and you have to just stay strong and with faith that those things don't happen," he said.

Camp Wood is about 10 miles west of Leakey and 120 miles northwest of San Antonio.

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