Fight between Metro security officer and passenger caught on tap -

Fight between Metro security officer and passenger caught on tape

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Many people are talking about a fight at Clark and 14th street Thursday night that was caught on tape.

The video starts after the fight begins, but shows a 39-year-old Metro security guard holding a man in a headlock and punching him 10 times. Two minutes of the fight is on video.

Police said the guard is a victim. It started after an 18-year-old failed to present a valid ticket to ride the Metro bus. When security asked him to leave, the passenger became confrontational and his friend “tried to strike him,” then “both of the suspects began to assault the victim.”

Terrance Brown said he was there and disagrees with the police report.

“He did, he punched the guy first.” Brown said. He said the fight started because of a girl not a ticket problem. “He broadly stated he was in a relationship with her.”

“They are trained to resolve the problem. I don't see why he is fighting the person. It's in front of the bus and holding up traffic. That's wild. I don't understand that,” said Deonte Smith, a Metro Passenger.

Metro later released a statement on the incident:

Earlier in the day, yesterday, a uniformed security officer encountered several individuals including a 19-year old and 21-year-old (shown in the video) involved in suspicious activity while loitering around the Civic Center MetroLink Station. At that time, he called for Police. St. Louis Police arrived and escorted them off the property.

They returned to the Civic Center Station last night, and were loitering for close to an hour. The same security officer again called for police. When he made that call for assistance, he was assaulted.

St. Louis Police made arrests when they arrived on the scene. The Security Officer was transported to the hospital.

Regarding Metro policy: Our guards may defend themselves. Any incidents on our system are reviewed internally. This guard's actions are being investigated by Metro and the St. Louis Police Department.

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