News 4 fact-checks Attorney General Chris Koster's campaign ad -

News 4 fact-checks Attorney General Chris Koster's campaign ad

Tonight we continue our “fact-check” reports, where the News 4 Investigates team looks into the statements made in political ads airing on our station.

Craig Cheatham investigated the facts listed in an ad run by Attorney General Chris Koster's campaign.

( -- Attorney General Chris Koster is running for re-election against Republican Ed Martin. In his campaign ads, Koster boasts about his record as a longtime prosecutor.

According to his ad, Koster has "prosecuted over a hundred murder cases, and won thousands of convictions."

Attorney General Koster appears to think he is justified claiming that he personally prosecuted all of those cases, but he does not provide evidence that he did. Those cases were more than likely the total work performed by all of the attorneys who worked under him for more than a decade. We are calling this ad misleading.

Koster's ad goes on to claim, "My opponent has never even had a jury trial..."

Here, Koster claims Ed Martin has never had a jury trial or convicted anyone of a crime. Martin has been an attorney on a variety of cases, but has never been a prosecutor. Therefore, this claim is true.

During the reporting on this ad, News 4 tried to get an interview with Koster. We asked his campaign if he could tell us about cases he personally prosecuted, but the campaign refused to answer our questions directly.

News 4 will continue reviewing campaign ads up until the November election. Next week, we will look at an ad by Koster's opponent Ed Martin.

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