Are increased traffic fines boosting Normandy's budget? -

Are increased traffic fines boosting Normandy's budget?

NORMANDY, Mo. (KMOV) -- The city of Normandy is planning to hire two more police officers in their next fiscal year and give city employees a four percent pay raise. They’ll be paid for in part by an expected $250,000 increase in traffic-ticket revenue.

 Normandy is one of the cities in an eight-mile “Travel Safe Zone” on I-70, where speeding ticket fines are doubled. MoDOT created the zone to try to cut down on the number of serious accidents in that area.

When News 4 heard about Normandy’s plans for an increase in ticket revenue, we wondered if the extra spending at city hall is on the backs of drivers caught speeding.

Many drivers have complained to about the number of speeding tickets handed out along that stretch of I-70.

Tickets cost speeders a minimum of $200, and this revenue runs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"People are calling this a money grab, but what they're failing to remember is all we're doing out there is enforcing the law," said Major Tony Madigan, Commander of Police Operations for Normandy.

Police say they only target drivers going more than 11 miles over the speed limit, and point out the number of accidents along this stretch of I-70 has dropped from 49 three years ago, to just six this year.

"If we're making people safer and we're saving lives and we're able to make a little money off of that, that we can apply toward essential services...I guess I don't see what the problem is," Madigan said.



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