Vaughn: DGBs arrest should be major wake-up call -

Vaughn: DGBs arrest should be major wake-up call

COLUMBIA, Mo. (KMOV) -- Those Columbia police have to be given credit for playing it straight. They arrested Mizzou Head Coach Gary Pinkel for driving while intoxicated. Now they’ve busted Dorial Green-Beckham for allegedly smoking marijuana.

They don’t care who you are in Columbia. If you’re caught you’re going to pay the price.  Police in other college towns might look the other way when the coach or star player gets caught misbehaving. Not in Columbia. You’re making headlines.

DGB was arrested along with teammates Torey Boozer and Levi Copelin just before midnight on Wednesday. They’re facing a misdemeanor charge of possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana. They were released with a summons to appear in court next month. Possession of small amounts of pot in Columbia is treated as a low-level offense in municipal court similar to a traffic citation. Violators typically pay a fine of no more than $250 and receive community service in lieu of jail time. Hopefully this will serve as a major wake-up call to DGB. This is the first strike against him, but something that will be talked about and discussed when he becomes eligible for the NFL draft. He now has “issues” off the field. This won’t ruin his future career. In fact, if he’s convicted this will be dropped from his record if he stays out of legal trouble for another year. But he needs to be much smarter from here on out.

Having 35 grams or less of marijuana is not the worst crime any college kid has ever committed. The bigger concern should be worrying about a star player, who should know he’s under the microscope in a small college town, being so dumb as to get caught partying near midnight. On a school night. On a parking lot near the stadium. With marijuana. He now has “issues” off the field.


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