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MIzzou fans react to DGBs arrest

COLUMBIA, Mo. (Missouri Football App) -- Less than a week after impressing fans with his 80-yard touchdown reception, Mizzou freshman wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested Wednesday night, along with two other freshman football players, for possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana.

In a statement, Missouri Athletics spokesman Chad Moller said the three will be suspended for Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt.

Now, Mizzou’s offense has been unimpressive after five games into the 2012 season.  With high hopes for junior quarterback James Franklin, a solid defense and potentially lethal wide receivers, the Tigers lose one of the most hyped freshmen in college football in Green-Beckham.

“DGB” hasn’t been as utilized very much in the Mizzou offensive scheme so far this season.  Some people speculate he’s perhaps a bit annoyed with how few of plays he’s appeared in despite choosing Mizzou over many other prominent college football programs.

“Maybe he was stressed about not being utilized enough in the offensive scheme,” said sophomore Mason Bikshorn.

DGB is from Springfield, Missouri and is on a full football scholarship.  Many Mizzou fans are students and are upset by his actions.

“He's stupid. If I had a full ride to a university as well as an opportunity to go pro in the NFL I wouldn't squander it away for the sake of getting high,” said senior Cj Voege.

“You know that weed is illegal, you have a full ride to Mizzou, and a potential NFL career, WHY would you even think about smoking weed,” said junior Julia Bosley.  “You know the rules, just play by them and you'll be great. I hate that he not only made himself look bad, but our team, and our school. This is a lesson to Mizzou to work harder to find HONORABLE athletes, we have SO many, but apparently, we don't make ourselves clear enough.”

“Obviously he wasn't scared/worried about testing positive for weed based on his actions,” said senior Jared Frank.  “Makes you question what kind of system the football program has in place to keep their players away from drugs and focused on what they receive scholarship for; Winning SEC football games.”

DGB has already been suspended for Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt, but many people are asking if there’s more punishment to be had?

“It's a shame that he made a poor decision, but everyone makes mistakes,” said freshman Alexis Yedlin.  “I'm just interested to see if any other measures will be taken regarding his punishment besides only being suspended from this weekends game

“The team has had numerous problems with drug/alcohol in the last few years,” said senior Zach Mink Something is clearly wrong with the support or discipline system, because it doesn't seem to be deterring this kind of behavior.”

Mizzou plays Vanderbilt at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

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