Family sickened after buying former meth lab -

Family sickened after buying former meth lab

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – After unknowingly buying a home that had been used to manufacture methamphetamine, an Oregon couple started warning people looking for homes to be sure they are thoroughly inspected.

Just days after Jon and Beth Hankins moved into their Klamath Falls home last June they started getting sick.

When they started talking to neighbors about their symptoms, they were shocked to find out their new home used to be a meth lab.

"The house that was meant to put a roof over our heads was the very thing intoxicating us and poisoning our bodies," Jon Hankins said.

The couple said their realtor and lender Freddie Mac never told them about the history of the home. But the realtor denied any knowledge of illegal activity in the home.

The family has joined a growing campaign on calling for Freddie Mac to test homes for meth contamination.

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