News 4 examines 'work from home' site offering money for posting -

News 4 examines 'work from home' site offering money for posting links

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- Many internet users have seen offers to work from home. One viewer saw such an offer, and emailed News 4 to see if it was legitimate.

The viewer sent News 4 something that looked like a column on MSNBC, promoting Home Revenue System. But the site’s own terms and conditions say they weren’t actually reviewed by the news, and that’s just one of the questionable claims made by this company.

The offer promises users they will make money posting links to websites. What links and to what sites is a mystery unless the individual buys the home revenue system for $99. But when users try to close to website window, a pop-up offers a discount for $79! Try to close it again and the price drops to $49.

Even the Better Business Bureau’s Bill Smith says he has friends who are wondering about these offers.

“I have a friend who has been out of work for sometime and she has looked at these opportunities and emailed me a couple of times asking 'are these good? Can I make some money off of this?'” Smith said.

Smith adds that there are a lot of questionable sites out there and this one is no different.

On this site, we couldn’t find a physical mailing address and it appears the domain name is registered in Finland.

“When a company basically puts a cloak on and tries to be invisible to people, you know there’s a potential problem,” said Smith.

Yet Smith says he sees people offer up their money all the time. After all, there’s often a money-back guarantee.

“They spend, you know, hours trying to get a hold of them and they can’t do it and finally if you’re talking about $50 or $100 they just give up,” he said. “That’s what these companies are counting on.”

So, next time you see an offer of high pay for little work, just know it's probably too good to be true.


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