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Zuerlein says hes made 74-yard FG

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- Is a 74 yard field goal in Greg Zuerlein’s range?


Apparently the answer to that is “yes”. The Rams kicker told me this morning on the radio that he once made a field goal in college from 74 yards out. That would be kicking the ball from his own 36 yard line! Steven Jackson said after Sunday’s win over Seattle that all the Rams have to do to score is get the ball to midfield and let Zuerlein put three points on the board. Well, maybe they don’t even need to get to midfield. If they just get it to their own 43 yard line they’re in Zuerlein’s range. 

What Zuerlein has done in his first four weeks of professional football is unprecedented. He’s already kicked the longest field goal ever at Soldier Field (56 yards). He’s already kicked the longest field goal in the history of a Rams franchise that has been around since 1937. He’s done that twice, cnce from 58 yards, then another from 60. He’s the first player in the history of the NFL to make kicks from 50 and 60 yards in the same game. Again, he’s been in the league four weeks and he already holds multiple records. 

Zuerlein told me that he strengthened his leg by playing soccer as a kid. He’s always had a strong leg, and playing lots of soccer helped him develop strength and leg speed. I told him he could sell a lot of books or training videos if he’d come up with a story about a special devise, exercise or leg strengthening routine that he uses. He thought that was a pretty good money making idea, but the reality is that he doesn’t do anything special at all. He follows a standard workout routine, runs and kicks. Nothing out of the ordinary, but he is certainly an extraordinary kicker. I can’t wait for the Rams to be trailing by two points in the final seconds and have the ball at their own 43 yard line. I’d love to see Zuerlein win a game with a 74 yarder and shatter the current NFL record of 63 yards. 



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