Lawyer: Man accused of murdering wife, shooting son could bond o -

Lawyer: Man accused of murdering wife, shooting son could bond out

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

CAHOKIA, Il (KMOV) -- A man accused of murdering his wife and shooting his son could get out of jail soon after a judge lowered his bond.

In August, Cahokia police arrested Ovie Sumpter for the shootings.  He’s still locked up at the St. Clair County Jail, but his lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, says Sumpter has enough money to walk free at any minute.  But first, Rosenblum said, Sumpter is planning to evict the son he allegedly shot with a shotgun.

Jason Sumpter woke up to gunshots.  His mom, Tina, was shot dead seconds before he says his dad turned the gun on him.  Cahokia Police arrested Ovie Sumpter, and the courts slapped a hefty $3 million dollar bond on him.  But less than a month in jail, Sumpter’s attorney successfully argued for a bail just half that amount by citing his Eighth Amendment right.

“What’s going to stop him from shooting the boy again?” Ron Orloski, Tina’s brother and Jason’s uncle, said.  “You know, he didn’t get the job done the first time.  What’s going to stop him from doing it again?”

“Or from taking off?” Sandy Orloski, Ron’s wife, added.  “He took off from the scene of the crime.  What’s to stop him from fleeing again?”

News 4 got a copy of the Judge John Baricevic’s order.  Once Sumpter is released on bond, he’ll have to wear an electronic ankle monitor.  He’s also ordered to stay away from witnesses, in this case, his own son, who is living in the house Sumpter owns.

“He’s trying to get them run out of the house,” Ron Orloski said.  “He’s trying to get the electric and water shut off so they have to leave so he can move in.  His own kids, you know.”

Jason Sumpter’s older brother moved into the home to help Jason care for the injuries he suffered from the gunshot to his lower back.

Now, $150,000 cash will spring Sumpter from jail.  According to his attorney, he has it.

“[Ovie Sumpter] gave the whole family a sentence, I mean we’ve lost a loving member of our family,” Sandy Orloski said.

She says the whole family now fears for their own safety.

Once free from jail, Sumpter will have to wear a GPS ankle monitor.  But as I reported just last night on News 4 at 10, those devices aren’t perfect.  A burglar out on parole was again charged with burglary, while wearing one of those very monitors.  News 4 will be sure to let you know when Sumpter is released.



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