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Local man says used car dealership wouldn't honor contract after numerous problems

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A St. Louis man says a local car dealership would not refund a used vehicle he bought, even though it had numerous problems.

Eugene Ward said the troubled began immediately after buying a used car from All-Star Motors on St. Charles Rock Rd.

“On my way home from the dealership, I notice the check engine comes on,” said Ward. “I take it back three days later, they said they would fix it.”

Ward said he got the vehicle back and drove it about a day before the light came back on. The dealership told him to bring it back again.

“I drove it off on the 7th. By the 8th, the light came back on again, they told me to bring it back,” he said.

Ward, tired of waiting for repairs, wanted a refund. His contract with the dealership said if the car didn’t pass state inspections within days, he could get his money back.

“I said, ‘give me my money’ because in my contract it states I have that option, if the car does not pass emissions within 10 days. We’re at 21 days now,” he said.

News 4’s Mike Colombo went to All-Star to ask whey Ward’s refund wasn’t being honored.

He never got a good answer to the question, but a manager insisted the dealer was bending over backwards to make Ward happy.

He said the dealership had an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau (which it does), and said Ward had been abusive.

It looked like a stale-mate.

“I put $2,500 down on a car, but I don’t have the vehicle. I have a car note due and I’m also paying insurance on it,” Ward said.

Shortly after Colombo visited All-Star Motors, he received a call from a manager saying Ward had been offered all his money back,  minus $150 for a window they say was broken after he picked it up.

Ward said he accepted the offer and is looking elsewhere.


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