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Weak fan support for Tigers is embarrassing

COLUMBIA, Mo. (Missouri Football App) -- Mizzou joined the prestigious ranks of the Southeastern Conference three months ago with a ton of added hype.  We hear for months how fan support is going to increase so that we can hopefully fit in the SEC picture.  Unless some large spike in support happens in between now and Saturday’s game against Vanderbilt, Mizzou will fail to sellout its second-ever SEC home game.

After thinking back to how crazy-happy everyone was about the move to the SEC, we’re just three months into Mizzou’s career in the SEC and fan support already seems flimsy.  Yes, the Tigers are playing a lesser-known Vanderbilt squad, but the game is still important.

Tiger fans everywhere were excited and ready to show their support about the conference move.  A good portion of fans have shown up to every home game thus far, but it seems we can’t get enough support for a game against an SEC-foe?

“We still have plenty of tickets remaining,” said Luke from the Mizzou Ticket Office.  “We expect to still have general admission tickets still available on Saturday”.

Mizzou had a full sellout in its first-ever SEC-home game against Georgia.  There were 71,004 people at that game, but appears Mizzou won’t be able to fill the stands against a formidable Vanderbilt team.

If ticket sales don’t pick up, Mizzou could face some harsh ridicule from other SEC school fans.  It should also be noted that Faurot Field is the tenth largest-capacity stadium in the SEC.  So from where I’m sitting, we have our second-ever SEC home game, in an already undersized SEC-stadium, and will most likely not sellout the game.

Whether the seats are full or not, the Tigers kick off against the Commodores at 6 p.m. Saturday.

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