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Homeless man accused of attack on 11-year-old in store restroom

A homeless man is held on $1 million bail, accused of attempting to rape a boy in a Burien grocery store bathroom.

A source says they are investigating whether the same 32-year-old homeless man also attacked a random woman outside her home a couple weeks earlier.

The man did not appear in court Monday to answer the allegation against him...

Court documents say he surprised an 11-year-old boy in a bathroom stall at the Burien Albertsons and that the man put the boy in a headlock and told him he was going to kill him...

Court documents say the boy screamed for help. A witness heard the noise and saw the boys fingers stuck in a bathroom door -

That witness helped interrupt what police believe was a sexual assault.

Store employees then helped subdue the suspect, named in the documents as 32-year-old Andrew Dempsey.

He's been in trouble with the law before, and king five news has learned  he was just investigated last month for a random attack on a women in Burien.

Charges were never filed.

Prosecutors say in this incident, Dempsey had methamphetamine in his possession and told officers the boy fell into him.

But police noted the 11-year-old had scratches and red marks on his face, neck and shoulder and had a swollen finger.
Dempsey is being held on investigation of attempted second degree rape - with formal changes expected later this week.

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