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Mizzou missing consistent offense so far

(Missouri Football App) -- It seems no one is happy with the Tigers' offensive production so far this year. Fans, the head coach and players have all expressed frustration over the failure to put it all together.

Head coach Gary Pinkel says loading up an offensive drive with short play after short play takes its toll on the offense.

“If you can get 10, 12, 15, 18 yard plays – those are big plays.  You don’t have to have 35, 40 yards to have a big play - but when you’re forced to have 14 play drives, and not make any mistakes, that certainly causes a lot of stress on the offense," said Pinkel.

Pinkel says it is a team issue, something that will require players working together to correct.

"When you get momentum and you play with great enthusiasm, that’s when it’s a psychological edge that you get back, when you have people around you making plays.  And not just one or two guys, a whole bunch of guys making plays," Pinkel said. "A great catch, a great run, a great throw, a great run after catch – and I think we have people who can do that.  We just have to execute better and get that done.”

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