Pinkel frustrated by third-down results -

Pinkel frustrated by third-down results

(Missouri Football App) -- There are a lot of questions swirling about Mizzou's offense, or in some cases, lack of offense especially on third down.  Head coach Gary Pinkel says it's frustrating but you keeping plugging away.

"It’s a very good observation that when you give yourself third and seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, percentage wise, statistically, nationally, you decrease tremendously.  So that’s been part of our problem.  If it’s 3rd and 3, 4, or 5 you have a much better chance.  Generally we’re getting a break down here and there and as you know, in the past, we’ve been one of the best 3rd down conversion teams in the country.  But that’s because of what has happened to us offensively.  If an offensive lineman breaks down, or a receiver breaks down, or quarterback, or running back - that’s frustrating," says Pinkel. 

"I’ve been doing this a long time, coaching offensive football a long time.  But you keep persevering, you keep battling through it and you get the players to understand the importance of not having negative plays or having a 5 yard penalty when your 3rd and 7 and all the sudden your 3rd and 12. It gets a bit psychological with the team – it really does." 

Pinkel says improving performance is a huge part of game preparation.

"Our practices are intense. We’ll certainly try to create the environment in practice so that we can get better.  It’s the only way you’re going to improve.  First of all, you have to work hard, and secondly, you gotta go do it,” says Pinkel.


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