Medicare scammer claims government will issue new cards -

Medicare scammer claims government will issue new cards

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 ( -- Monday morning, Harriet Clipper answered a call on her home phone from a man who said he was calling on behalf of Medicare.

He told her that the government is issuing new cards and that he needs to confirm some basic information.

Clipper says the man launched into a line of seemingly routine questions. He already knew her name and address and asked her to confirm both. But, when he asked for Clipper's bank account number, Clipper refused.

"I said I'm not giving you my bank account number. If you want my bank account number, you got it on file, get it from there," said Clipper.

The man hung up.

Some variations of this scam have been reported around the country. The crook may claim that he or she is calling to activate new benefits. Or, the criminal calls with an offer of free medical equipment or supplies on behalf of Medicare or Social Security.

In Illinois, the Attorney General circulated this warning about Medicare "spoofing" and the steps scammers take to make their efforts seem legit:

Clipper says she called Medicare to report what happened and was told to take down any information about the caller if he calls back. Clipper says she'll make an excuse to get off the phone and ask for a call back number, then report the fraud to Medicare immediately.

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