City vs county jurisdiction battle brewing in St. Charles Co. ov -

City vs county jurisdiction battle brewing in St. Charles Co. over red light cameras

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( -

What began as contention over red light cameras in St. Charles County, has turned into fight over county versus city jurisdiction.

The fight began after St. Charles County voters overwhelmingly approved a county wide ban on red light cameras. Many of the cameras are still up around St. Peters, but they are currently covered in plastic and duct tape.

Despite the county wide ban, St. Peters, O'Fallon, and Lake St. Louis contend it is an issue that must be left to individual cities, not the county. All three towns have the support of the Missouri Municipal League, which has a membership of 675 cities and towns across the state.

The head of the Missouri Municipal League said changing the St. Charles County Charter to allow the red light camera ban violates the state constitution.

“The difference is the county is not an intermediary between the state and cities. The authority is granted directly from the state to the cities and county cannot interfere with that,” said Attorney John Young.

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann told News 4 he does not believe red light cameras are a city versus county issue.

“It's the 72 percent of voters in St. Charles County telling the cities they do not want red light cameras and it's that simple,” Ehlmann said.

Ehlmann said it appears the battle will end up in court.

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