Amber Alert: Children missing after fire kills grandparents -

Amber Alert: Children missing after fire kills grandparents

There are few clues in the whereabouts of two children who vanished after a fatal fire in Tennessee last week, and authorities believe the children may be in danger.

It was first believed the brother and sister died in a fire with their grandparents. Now, the case has changed.   

After more than a week of sifting through ashes and debris, investigators have found no sign of 9-year-old Chloie Leverette and 7-year-old Gage Daniel. However, there is no evidence they weren’t in the inferno that swept through the home where they lived with their grandparents.

Helicopters equipped with infra-red cameras found no sign of the children in surrounding woods.

The children were last seen playing in the neighborhood about three hours before the fire at 9:30 p.m. last Sunday.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert Friday night, calling the missing children endangered.

Adding to the mystery, authorities still don’t know what caused the fire.

Chloie’s parents are not considered suspects, but according to police, they are cooperating with the investigation.


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