Cop hits woman: Web video claims police brutality -

Cop hits woman: Web video claims police brutality

PHILADELPHIA – A video making the rounds on YouTube alleges a police officer in Philadelphia used excessive force when he struck a woman in the face during a protest.

The video, uploaded Sunday with the title “Philadelphia Police Brutality,” shows a large gathering of police officers and protesters in a roadway.

Off camera, someone sprays a liquid onto the officers. One officer turns around and appears to mistake the assailant as a nearby woman, who was holding a bottle or spray canister. The officer then hits the woman and knocks her to the ground as the crowd reacts. The woman, with blood on her face, is then taken away in handcuffs.

Some people who commented on the video noted that it only runs 36 seconds long and does not show what the woman was doing before the camera was rolling.

What do you think? Watch the video:

(WARNING: This video may contain visuals and audio some viewers will find disturbing)

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