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Feldman: Rams take giant step forward

ST. LOUIS (FootballStL) -- Jeff Fisher knows full well the significance of this 19-13 victory over the Seahawks.  Just look at Seattle's last game.

"As we all saw Monday night, the Seahawks are a very very talented football team.  We were very fortunate to have this thing come down to the end and make a play to win the ball game."
Seattle took down - albeit with controversy - one of the best teams in the entire NFL in Green Bay.  Now that the Rams can say they did something the Packers were unable to do less than a week ago it shows just how far along this team has come.
No, they're not there yet.  Much work needs to be done.  Winning on the road is an incredibly hard thing to do in the league and the Rams haven't shown they're ready to do that yet. 
But if you can win your games at home....know what that's called.  Mediocrity.  And never has a franchise been so happy to be able to call itself such a thing.
It starts with holding a Seattle defense that sacked Aaron Rodgers eight times in the first half Monday night to just two sacks on this day.  It starts with winning the time of possession battle and turnover battle.  It starts with leadership from a head coach who has a history of getting his players to buy into the system.
"It’s great for the guys to come off the disappointing loss last weekend on the road to find a way to win the game – at the end, was huge for our team." Fisher said.  "Especially here at home. Now, we can boast a little bit about making this a hard place to play because we’re 2-0 here in the regular season, which is a credit to our fans."
And QB Sam Bradford says there is a gigantic difference between being 1-3 and 2-2 at this point in the season.
“Big difference. I think this one’s big too because of the quick turnaround we have going into this week. Obviously, playing Arizona on Thursday and it’s definitely much nicer to come off a win than a loss.”
What I really liked in this game, in addition to the obvious like Greg Zuerlein's booming leg, was how the defense responded to that first drive of the game where Seattle drove easily for a touchdown.  After that, the Seahawks offense did next to nothing.  Just a pair of field goals in the second half. 
That's called coaching.  That's called making adjustments.  Credit Seattle for coming in with a good game plan and knowing exactly what they wanted to do to the Rams defense right off the bat.  They executed it well and scored.  But this game is much longer than a few minutes.  It's 60 last I checked.  And the Rams defense did a phenomenal job of adjusting back to what Seattle was doing to them.
In time, the Rams will learn to win on the road.  That's when we'll be able to call this a really good football team.  For now, everyone should be willing to settle for winning at home - in front of the fans - and growing up from the disaster that's been the last five seasons.
They're progressing.  Baby steps.  Shouldn't be too long before this thing is completely built.


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