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Mizzou wins and the streak continues

(Missouri Football App) -- It took the entire game, but Missouri did get it's turnover. It came as EJ Gaines forced a fumble with two minutes to go, and it may have saved the game.

The Missouri defense gave everything they had in the Orlando heat, driving UCF into the ground in the second half. 

Missouri finally started giving Lawrence the ball with regularity, and he netted over 100 yards on the ground. All signs still point to number 4 getting a whole lot more work in the coming weeks, as our offensive play calling for the passing game is nothing short of a joke. 

In true SEC form, we have developed into a team where our biggest stars are on the defense. Missouri seems to be reinventing its offense on the fly- sporting two I-form sets Saturday against UCF.

Marcus Lucas has NFL attributes, but can't get a target over 10 yards. Moe is wasting away his senior year getting single digit targets. 

DGB has shown what a downfield playmaker he is, but he doesn't get many chances to flex those muscles in the Y slot.

Right now, I'd bet Ebner jerseys are more popular than anyone on the offense- and those are special order.  

Each week going forward there are two new certainties: our defense is going to impress, with Richardson leading the charge; and no one has any idea what our offense is going to look like- especially the coaches. 


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