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Halftime: Missouri saved in final seconds of half

(Missouri Football App) -- No sooner than the clock could start in the second quarter, James Franklin found DGB for a massive TD strike. Unfortunately, UCF came right back and scored, gaining most of their yards from a reverse pass back. 

Once again, Mizzou is making the opposing quarterback look like Dan Marino. Blake Bortles has four incompletions on the day. One of those was a drop, and another was tipped at the line of scrimmage.

Missouri has six first downs to UCF's 20, and it's a miracle the score isn't out of hand already. A late sack to end the half saved the Tigers from trailing by 10.  

The run game continues to give Missouri fits, but individually, Sheldon Richardson and Will Ebner are having fantastic days.

The run isn't working on the other side of the ball either. With -5 rush yards, the offensive line is exposing itself as overmatched in every way. Franklin is often under duress, and as such is having trouble stretching the field. 

In addition to being unable to snap the football, our line seems incapable of blocking one on one. 

While I'm not a fan of the choices Franklin is making, he's not getting a whole lot of time to look around. 

Looking to the second half, Missouri need to establish a running game. Without moving the ball on the ground, Franklin is going to get more and more frustrated in the pocket and it will be South Carolina all over again.

On defense, we have to force Bortles back to reality. We clearly aren't going to adjust to the run, but we can't let a mediocre QB have a career day as well. Also, if the Tigers don't force a turnover, it will be the first time in 22 games they failed to do so. 

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