Instructions: Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets -

Instructions: Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet door
6 oz jar of van Gogh Furniture Paint
6 oz jar of van Gogh Table Top Finish
Bucket of water
Paint brush x 2
Terry cloth sponge
Drop Cloth
Small Table top easel
Color chart and easel
Small Towel
Small painted molding piece that I will be painting on my own kitchen cabinets!


-Clean your cabinets.  I use a mixture of vinegar, water and a little Krud Kutter (found at your local hardware store)

-Pick your color or colors if going for a two tone (or more colors) on your cabinetry

-Grab a nice natural bristle chip brush or foam roller and get ready to "get your hands dirty"

-Paint a test patch to make sure everything is a go...

-Start painting your cabinets, hardware and hinges!  No sanding or priming is usually necessary. Make sure to paint the edges of your cabinets and the frame of your cabinetry. 

-Allow paint to dry.  If you see any brush marks, drips or runs simply swipe over with a wet terry cloth sponge.  Once the paint has a matte finish you can apply your Table Top Finish. 

-Apply your Table Top Finish using a synthetic brush designed specifically for same.  If you acquire any brush marks or bubbles after applying this finish simply wipe with a damp terry cloth covered sponge (I found these at Hardware Supply)

-Allow first coat of Table Top Finish to dry (approx 20 minutes) and apply a second coat.  Definitely necessary for kitchen cabinetry. 

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