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Woman accused of pushing newlywed husband off cliff back in court

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(CNN) -- A Montana newlywed accused of pushing her husband off a cliff to his death will be back in court Wednesday for a detention hearing.

Jordan Linn Graham and Cody Johnson had been married just more than a week when an argument allegedly escalated to a case of second-degree murder.

If convicted, Graham would face life in prison. She had an initial court appearance Monday.

According to a criminal complaint, Graham recently told a friend she was having second thoughts about marrying Johnson.

The complaint said the couple argued the night of July 7. Upset, they decided to go hiking in Glacier National Park in Flathead County, Montana, where they continued to fight.

Graham told police that her husband grabbed her by the arm. She turned and removed it.

“Graham stated she could have just walked away, but due to her anger, she pushed Johnson with both hands in the back and as a result, he fell face first off the cliff,” the complaint read.

His body was discovered several days later.

According to the complaint, Graham changed her story about what happened several times.

Graham’s attorney, Michael Donahoe, declined to comment on the case.

“Anytime we asked Cody how the relationship was he always said it was good,” friend Cameron Fredrickson said. “It’s a complete shock to me, Cody is one of the greatest guys I’ve had the opportunity to know.”

According to the complaint, Graham reportedly told a friend she planned to talk with Johnson about her reservations on July 7. The same day, Graham sent the friend a text message saying, “Oh well, I’m about to talk to him.”

The friend responded, “I’ll pray for you guys.”


Graham wrote back: “But dead serious if u don’t hear from me at all again tonight, something happened.”

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