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Wainwright talks heat preparation before Brewers matchup

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(BaseballStL) -- The Cardinals may be out of the roughest part of their schedule, but they aren't free from challenges yet. 

Their newest test will be administered by St. Louis itself- offering up game time temperatures in the mid to upper nineties for the first couple games of the Brewers series.

Rookie Shelby Miller, who has battled some hydration issues this season, started preparing early for his start Tuesday. 

"Yesterday he had an assignment to take in as much water as he possibly could," Mike Matheny said before game time. "They've got drinks with different potassium and electrolytes and make sure he's as hydrated as possible."

Miller has gone 2-0 in three starts against the Brewers this season, striking out 21 in his 18.1 innings. 

As the temperature registered more than 95 degrees during batting practice, Miller will be tasked with pitching through sweltering heat. 

Adam Wainwright, speaking in the clubhouse, explained prepping for days like Tuesday on the mound begin days in advance. 

"Knowing what you're facing on a hot day like today in St. Louis, with the humidity like it is, you have to do a great job of hydrating early," he said. "You have to go out there and be completely fueled up; which means you eat the right stuff a couple days in advance, you eat during the game you keep that energy in you the whole time." 

Wainwright also praised Miller for his conditioning, saying the young pitcher is "a strong as a bull,"

"He's doing great. He's pitched a full season. It's a grind unlike anything you've been used to. Pitching a full season in the big leagues, starting every fifth day, not missing a start. It can take its toll. I think he's doing a great job," Wainwright said. 

Despite excellent conditioning and a detailed pre game routine, even the best pitchers can get beaten by their own brain. 

Wainwright said as much as a hurler must think about the heat beforehand, he must forget it entirely once he takes the mound. 

"You have to check out and not realize the heat," he said. "You have to prepare for it, but once the game gets there, act like it's not there and go pitch. The guys that get into that heat and get scared of that heat are the guys that find themselves out in the third and fourth inning."

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