Family of missing boy pushes to keep case in the spotlight -

Family of missing boy pushes to keep case in the spotlight

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Nineteen years ago, 11-year-old Arlin Henderson left his home to go for a bike ride. His mom, Debbie, was cooking dinner.  Arlin asked his mom to save him some Polish sausage for dinner.  Those were the last words Debbie heard from her son.

The case has never been solved.

In March, the FBI called a press conference and allowed journalists to take pictures of Arlin's bike in hopes that it would jog the memory of someone in the public. The bike was found two months after Arlin's disappearance. It was a key piece of evidence. Since the case has gone cold, authorities were trying anything to generate new tips and leads.

While the FBI did get phone calls from people hoping to help, none of the new tips panned out.  Still, Arlin's family continues to push for answers. That means keeping Arlin's story out in the public.

This weekend, Arlin's face will be plastered on Kevin Conway's EntenZe Toyota during the NASCAR Sprint Cup serious at the Kansas Raceway.  The new national attention is the result of efforts by Rev. James McWilliams, Arlin's uncle, who began working with the pickup truck series of the race. He credits Shawn Hornbeck's parents with helping his family reach out to organizations that would help generate publicity for Arlin's case.

Shawn Hornbeck was found alive in 2007.  He was kidnapped in 2002.

"Look at the blessings we've had with the Hornbecks, and Ownby, and Dugard.  I mean, when you have that happen we can't give up on Arlin," said McWilliams.

The hope keeps Arlin's family working for new leads. McWilliams says Arlin's mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and her only wish is to live to see a resolution in her son's case.

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