New marijuana-like substance concerns lawmakers, doctors -

New marijuana-like substance concerns lawmakers, doctors

(KMOV) – First it was K2. Now K3, another form of synthetic marijuana, could be banned in Missouri.

The new substance is creating increased concern among doctors. Companies can get away with making the substance because the formula for these products is slightly different than K2.

Some conveniences stores in the St. Louis area are now selling the product, which concerns lawmakers and doctors.

Young people turn to the K2 knockoffs because they think they provide a high that comes from smoking marijuana. 

But ER doctors warn the products present serious health risks including hypertension, vomiting and anxiety. They also say more calls are coming in from consumers who suspect they were poisoned.

Doctors say parents need to be on the lookout for what seems like incense in their children’s room. They also say check for symptoms like anxiety.

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