Tribal council meltdown like no other -

Tribal council meltdown like no other

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore

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Survivor Nicaragua is off to a roaring start with a second episode that was a real jaw dropper. If you missed it, click here to watch.

On the older tribe you have Holly, who last week stabs her friend in the back, showing signs of seriously losing her marbles.  She takes and dumps Jill’s lunch – sure they were snails, but hey it’s Survivor – and later steals Dan’s gator shoes (the $1,600 dress shoe kind, not the plastic mules) loads them with sand and dumps them in the ocean.  Then, in a mood swing that would give anyone whiplash, she fesses up as being the shoe swiper and then has a heart to heart with coach Jimmy that she is having a tough time.  Just don’t see the Holly train making it to the station when things are all said and done.

Over on the younger tribe Naonka flips out over a missing sock and later a failed immunity challenge leaves them whispering over the upcoming tribal council.

It is moments, and we mean just moments, after everyone takes their seat around the fire that the shocking statements begin.  One question from Jeff and Shannon launches into a major meltdown and Survivor castaway suicide unmatched by any that have come before.  He starts drilling everyone about whether they trust him, he asks Sash straight up if he is gay, announces that New York is full of gays … and it goes on and on.

In the end, the younger tribe dumps their sensible plan to go after Brenda and instead nearly everyone agrees that Shannon, the nut case, has to go.

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