Do you still love THESE Cardinals? -

Do you still love THESE Cardinals?

By the time we see the St. Louis Cardinals back at Busch Stadium they will likely be officially eliminated from playoff contention.  The fact they weren't going to make it this year has been clear for several weeks now.

But what do you make of their recent play?  It really feels to me like they don't care anymore.  It's bad enough to lose to the Pirates, but Wednesday night they got hammered by the worst team in baseball.  They also lost to perhaps the worst pitcher in baseball.  He was 1-11 with an eight-something ERA.  Unreal!

Relinquishing the division to the talented Cincinnati Reds is one thing.  Under-achieving is understandable considering the injury situation.  But just plain quitting is not what St. Louis expects from the Cardinals.  I think fans should send a message by staying away in droves on that first game back on Monday, September 27th.  Give the Cardinals a little Florida Marlins treatment (what do they average?... 7,000 fans a game?).

The players have had a disappointing season but everyone knows they are way better than this.  This is not what they mean by, "Play like a Cardinal."  Fans should not tolerate it.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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