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Homeowner shoots burglary suspect in north St. Louis

(KMOV) – One suspect was injured and police are searching for another after an early morning shooting.

Authorities said the homeowner stated the suspects came to his door around 6 a.m. Thursday saying someone was tampering with the homeowner's vehicle. The homeowner spoke briefly with the suspects then attempted to close the door. The suspects then stated they needed help jumpstarting their own vehicle. The homeowner said he could not help the suspects and began to close the door again.

The homeowner states as he did so, the suspects asked for a drink of water then just before the homeowner could completely close the door, the 27 year old Black male suspect reached into the residence and began firing a gun.

The homeowner, who had his own gun, returned fire, shooting the man in the side. Both suspects then ran from the scene but officers and a police canine located the injured suspect in the rear of the 3000 block of James Cool Papa Bell.

The second suspect has not yet been located, however investigators have strong leads regarding the man's identity. The injured suspect was taken to a hospital in serious but stable condition, with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

The 49-year-old homeowner was not arrested.

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