Concern over high methane levels in Maryland Heights landfill -

Concern over high methane levels in Maryland Heights landfill

(KMOV) – Residents living near the Weber landfill in Maryland Heights, Missouri were recently warned of high underground methane levels that could be explosive if they reach a certain level.

The landfill sits across the Earth City expressway from Riverport.

Methane exists in every landfill, occurring naturally as organic materials decay underground. But when methane levels get too high, red flags go up.

The state of Missouri says high levels of methane were found in three monitoring wells located on the western edge of the Weber landfill. These levels of methane exceed regulatory limits.

Because the wells are close to homes, the state is asking Weber to tell the people who live there.

Ironically, most of the homes are owned by Weber, and rented to employees.

One local environmental science expert at St. Louis University says people should take notice when it comes to methane.

Officials say homeowners shouldn’t panic and they shouldn’t be afraid. However, they should be concerned and aggressive in pushing for remediation.


State officials say the landfill has expanded its monitoring system with the expansion of the landfill.

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