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Ending school violence

After my story aired on a fight between two students at Ritenour High and a program combatting violence at that school, one viewer wrote to take me to task.  She felt I should have grilled the principal about the fight, not talk to him about the Safe School Ambassador program.  Sure, a fight at a school that ends in the arrest of a student is very serious.  But I don't think a principal of a school of two thousand students who have two thousand different backgrounds and two thousand different parental influences can stop every fight before it happens.  So I decided to concentrate a portion of the story on this program with Washington University to empower students to diffuse situations.  The viewer thought it is not the student's responsibility to intervene and she's right in a fight like Monday's.  But I do believe peer pressure can be a positive force as well for the little disputes that have the potential to simmer until they boil over.  I'd better go make my case to her now :)

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