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What are Rams afraid of?

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By Bryce Moore By Bryce Moore
Can somebody please tell me why the Rams are afraid to throw the ball down the field? What's up with that? They threw exactly two passes longer than 20 yards in the loss to the Oakland Raiders. Two! I'm tired of hearing that the line isn't good enough to protect Sam Bradford long enough to throw deep. Or that it's too dangerous to throw a long pass, might be intercepted.
Steve Spagnuolo said the first day he took over as head coach that his philosophy was to play a ball control, grind-it-out type of offense. How's that working out for him? Not well. Last year the Rams averaged 11 points a game. Can you believe that, 11 points? So far this year they're up to 13 1/2 points. Still no wins, but they're scoring another 2 1/2 points a game.
I'd like to see Bradford throw at least one bomb a quarter, four in a game minimum. More would be better. The Raiders had absolutely no fear of the Rams throwing deep on Sunday. They loaded the box with eight players, making it very difficult for Steven Jackson to get anything going on the ground. They moved up their corners and free safeties to challenge the short passing game, with no fear what-so-ever of the Rams throwing deep.
It's just mind boggling to me how the Rams can be so excruciatingly conservative. They're so terrified at the thought of turning the ball over they make themselves extremely easy to defend. The end result has been a team that's lost 17 of its 18 games in the Spagnuolo era, and a hard-to-believe 27 of its last 28 over the past three seasons. And still they refuse to open up the offense and try for an occasional big play. What exactly do they have to lose at this point?


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