School security guard allegedly breaks boy's hip -

School security guard allegedly breaks boy's hip

A middle school student is hospitalized after a school security guard allegedly broke the boy's hip. 

Briaonte Fowler is suspended for 10 days after yesterday's confrontation at Jennings Junior High School.  The teen's mother told News 4's Maggie Crane the guard got far too rough.

"They put plates in and screws," Marquita McDavis says.

Her 14-year-old son Briaonte Fowler had surgery to repair his broken hip Monday night at St. John's Mercy Children's Hospital.  Tuesday, he started physical therapy.

"When you send them to school, you expect them to return back home how you send them," McDavis says.

But when McDavis picked her son up from Jennings Junior High on Monday "he was screaming and hollering and crying saying that his leg was broke," McDavis says.

Allegedly, that happened at the hands of a school security guard.  The officer removed Briaonte from the classroom after teachers said he was a disruption. 

That's protocol.  Then, Briaonte told his mom the cop cuffed him in the hallway.

"At that time Briaonte was like 'no, no, no' because he was like 'I don't understand why I'm being arrested for this'," McDavis says.

Then tension escalated.

"In the handcuffs, he slammed him to the floor and took his back leg and bent it up to his back and broke his left hip," McDavis says.

McDavis says it's possible Briaonte was fighting back.  He has ADHD and suffers from anxiety attacks, But she says the force was excessive after talking to her son about what happened.

"'He already had me in handcuffs.  Why'd he have to break my hip?'," McDavis says of her conversation with Briaonte.  "He doesn't understand.  His whole thing is you know, 'momma they just killed my dream.  I wanted to play basketball. That's something I can't do anymore'."

McDavis filed a report with the School Violence Hotline.  Now the school district and Jennings police are investigating.

The school says that the security guard was a contract employee.

Superintendent Clarence Holman sent News 4 this statement when we called to find out what happened and whether the district was launching an investigation:

"The Jennings School District is currently investigating an incident involving a Jennings Middle School student who recently disrupted a class during the school day.  Our District is committed to ensuring the well-being of our students.  Thus, when a student becomes disruptive in a classroom, the District follows procedures that are tailored to restore a comfortable learning environment for the students in the classroom with the least disruption to the teaching process."

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