Man comes face to face with armed burglars -

Man comes face to face with armed burglars

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- As soon as Ken Williams walked into his parent’s house, he knew something was wrong.

There was mud on the front door, a broken back window with blood on a blind, a ransacked bedroom and then Williams came face to face with a gunman, with Williams’ gun

“He looked scared. My first intention was try to be the hero and get the gun but my son was in the house so I didn't do anything,” Williams said. “[I] just watched them run out.”

Williams was there with his son and girlfriend. He kept his cool and did as told by the man. The teenage burglars were gone quickly and his family was unharmed.

Police said the only thing the burglars got away with was the gun. They have only a thin description of the two older teens who were in white t-shirts and dark pants, but are hoping someone comes forward with more information.

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