City cuts a $3,000 check for fire damage done to house -

City cuts a $3,000 check for fire damage done to house

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- A Centreville man blamed the city for the damage done to his house by a nearby house fire, and the city did something unexpected: it paid for it.

Fire destroyed the house next to Eddie Givens home. Firefighters put out the fire quickly, but when Givens called to tell them that it was flaring up again, no one came.

“We called them on three different ocassions to come out here and check to see if this house was on fire,” Givens said. “They didn't even send a squad car by, a cruiser by to check to see if the story was true.  They just let it ignite."

The fire became out of control and firefighters showed up, but the damage was done. The heat melted the siding on one side of his house.

Instead of taking legal action, Givens told his alderman and the mayor about what happened and a few weeks later, he got a check from the city for $3,000.

Givens redid the siding destroyed by the fire and the property where the house burned and plans to turn it into green space for neighborhood picnics.

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