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Welcome Home Baby Canvas

Welcome Home Baby Canvas


12x12 canvas
Blue buttons
Light brown sand
Baby blue paint
Bight orange paint
Black marker
Paper plate

Paint the entire canvas using Baby Blue Paint.
Using glue, draw 2 hills to create the bottom of the ocean.
Pour sand onto wet glue. Shake off excess sand.
Pour Bright orange paint on a paper plate.
Place your hand palm side down, ensuring the entire hand is covered in paint.
Press hand covered in paint down firmly on canvas to create a fish shape.
Using the same hand, press thumb firmly to create a smaller fish, use finger tips to make fins on this fish.
 To make bubbles, use glue to paste buttons on canvas above the fish.
Use a black marker to write the phrase: you and me under the sea.
Use a black marker to draw an eye on the fish.

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