New synthetic marajuana hits stores in Missouri -

New synthetic marajuana hits stores in Missouri

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Just weeks after the Missouri ban of the substance K2, a new synthetic marajuana is on store shelves.

News 4 found the substance called "Bocomo," short for Boone County, Mo., in two stores. The owners of The Smoke Shop in St. Ann said they have the paperwork to prove the substance is legal.

The makers say it is chemically different from K2, which used synthetic cannibanoids to achieve a marijuana-like high. They said the distinction makes it completely legal in Missouri.

But even if it skirts the K2 ban, it probably won't be long until the new drug is banned. St. Charles County is already chemically testing the new drug.

The drug, which also goes by the name Cloud 10 and Groove, is made by enterprising students in Columbia, Mo.

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