Making the Grade, Fort Zumwalt Superintendent's Contract -

Making the Grade, Fort Zumwalt Superintendent's Contract

Fort Zumwalt Superintendent Dr. Bernie DuBray receives a salary of $173,000, plus benefits, according to his two year contract. Dr. DuBray, who runs a district with 24 schools and an enrollment of nearly 19,000, is one of the lowest paid superintendents running a large district. DuBray has worked at the district for 28 years. The O'Fallon, Missouri district gives him a $600 a month travel allowance and reimburses up to $300 a month in expenses related to his cellphone.

It's an extremely modest contract, but there is an extraordinary benefit under section 6 in his contract. According to the contract, "The Superintendent shall be entitled to twelve (12) days of sick leave annually, with unlimited accumulation. Upon termination of his employment, the Board shall reimburse the Superintendent for unused sick days at the rate established annually by the Board for the professional staff. The retiring Superintendent may incorporate accumulated sick leave, including those days earned in the final year of employment, into his salary during the final year of employment with adjustments to the final paycheck made to reflect any use of sick leave taken during the final year." Clearly, this is a potentially lucrative part of what is otherwise a very modest contract.

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