Kiss Cam controversy overblown -

Kiss Cam controversy overblown

(KMOV) -- The Kiss Cam controversy started at the Rams game on Sunday. First the video board cameras were aimed at Rams fans in the stands, and most of the couples played along and kissed each other.
At the end of the segment the camera got a shot of two Arizona Cardinals fans, both men, wearing their Cardinals jerseys. The crowd got a laugh out of it, but the men seemed to get a little upset about this, especially as the crowd was playfully urging them to kiss. They never did. As it turns out, it wasn't the two Cardinal fans who turned this into a controversy. It was gay and lesbian fans who found the incident insulting.
Now a group of gay fans is planning to attend the baseball Cardinals game on Saturday and hoping to get video board time at Busch Stadium. They want to be shown kissing on the Kiss Cam for all to see at the baseball game.
Cardinal crowds tend to be on the conservative side. The organization prides itself in presenting a family atmosphere at the games. It seems inevitible that some people will be offended if gay men and women are shown kissing on the Busch Stadium video board.
I say let them kiss. Not a full scale make-out session of course, but that would be highly inappropriate at a stadium regardless of the participants. But a little peck of a kiss should be ok. Is it really that big of a deal in 2010? I would think nearly everybody at Busch Stadium would be able to deal with that without chaos breaking out in the stands.  Don't we have more important things to worry about than this?

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