North St. Louis residents, aldermen fed up with illegal trash dumping -

North St. Louis residents, aldermen fed up with illegal trash dumping

(KMOV) – Two St. Louis men are facing stiff fines after being caught dumping trash illegally Wednesday morning.  

North St. Louis Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe says the problem is ruining his ward. He says even his complaints are ignored. “I think it’s because the city is not taking complaints seriously in north St. Louis,” he says.

City officials say the problems is that landlords will sometime pay people to haul junk away from their homes. Instead of taking it to the dump, they bring it behind vacant lots where the city’s refuse division has to pick it up.

Trash isn’t the only issue. Wednesday morning three men were caught cutting down trees and dumping them three houses away at an abandoned house. They face fines of up to $500.


Resident Edward Moore says the alley behind his house is a dumping ground. “It’s an ongoing thing…very frustrating, very nasty,” he says.


The city plans to install 25 cameras to catch the dumpers at work. In the meantime, the only thing city refuse and forestry crews can do is try to keep up with a city-wide problem.

This is also an issue for taxpayers, as this problem costs them $2-3 million a year.

The trash task force wants stiffer penalties than what are currently set. Right now, $500 is the maximum fine.

St. Louis voters may soon decide if that should be raised to $1500, and include jail time for repeat offenders.

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