Protecting yourself from the latest 'superbug' -

Protecting yourself from the latest 'superbug'

(KMOV) – The latest superbug, NDM1, has now hit the U.S. Health officials say cases are popping up all over the world, including one case in Illinois.

A professor at St. Louis University says superbugs are a result of bacteria growing resistant to antibiotics. Medical science created new antibiotics to take care of the superbug, but then other superbugs pop up.

“This is an increasing drugs can keep pace ahead of this but it takes a relatively long period of time to develop new drugs compared to the speed at which bacteria can replicate and at which they can develop resistance...” says Dr. Donald Kennedy of St. Louis University.

NDM1 comes from India and has been found in bacteria that cause gut or urinary infections.

All three people with cases in the United States had received medical care in India.


One expert says the ingredients are there for widespread transmission. In a world on the go, it can easily be spread around the globe by plane.


The Centers for Disease Control want physicians to look for it, especially in patients who have traveled to India or Pakistan.

Experts say don’s pressure your doctor for antibiotics if they say they aren’t needed. Also, properly use the ones you’re given and avoid infections by good old-fashioned hand washing.


The number of deaths linked to this gene is not known because there is no central tracking of these cases.


All three patients did recover.

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