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Ok, it's over for the Cardinals

(KMOV) -- I was holding out hope that somehow the Cardinals still had a long winning streak in them. That we shouldn't count them out yet, down by six games with three weeks still to play. I was thinking they'd come home and get hot. They've played very well at Busch Stadium most of this season. But there they were again last night, sleep walking through another game.
They managed only one run against Cubs starter Jeff Samardzija, who had been hit hard last week by the Cardinals triple-A minor league team in Memphis. How is it possible this Cardinals team is so bad? Any would have guessed that they'd just quit? That's what it looks like to me, that they just don't care. They've cashed it in. If they don't care, why should we?
They lost another game to the Reds last night and are now seven games out with twenty left to play. I suppose we should stop paying attention to it now. It's not going to happen for the Cardinals this year, and probably won't happen next year either unless they make some major changes.
It's pretty obvious there are some glaring weaknesses with this team. If nothing else, this season has been a stark reminder that it's not enough to have a few superstars (Pujols, Holliday, Carpenter, Wainwright) and surround them with average to below average players. It takes not just a solid starting rotation, but also a strong everyday line-up.
The Cardinals just don't have the offensive firepower to compete with the Reds . To make the situation more worrisome, now they have to figure out a course of action with Albert Pujol's contract. Does is make any sense to give Albert $150 milllion or more, and then not be able to afford a quality team around him? That seems like a certain recipe for failure. We learned that this year in a very painful way.

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