Arson suspected after Cahokia church burned over the weekend -

Arson suspected after Cahokia church burned over the weekend

(KMOV) – Authorities are investigating after a Metro East church burned down over the weekend. They say it’s the third suspicious fire in the same Cahokia, Illinois neighborhood. Arson might be the cause, they say. 

The church is located at 2300 Cynthia in Cahokia – next door to a vacant auto dealership building that burned June 30. Fire also destroyed another nearby building on August 31.

The fire broke out overnight on Saturday, and officials say by the time firefighters arrived, the building had collapsed into a pile of rubble, destroyed by 60-foot flames.

The Miracle Deliverance Temple had almost completed construction on its new, larger building.

The Mayor says more patrols will include marked and unmarked police cars.

Police are asking residents to keep an eye out for anyone that’s suspicious, especially hanging around a business late at night.

When a church burns, the federal government gets involved, and the ATF will be helping state investigators determine how this devastating fire started and who is to blame.

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