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A Familiar Problem

I walked out of the broadcast booth disappointed but not discouraged. This Rams team does seem more competitive. But the bottom line is how many points you score. Last year it was 10.9, fewest points per game in the NFL. Sunday the Rams managed just 13 points despite creating four turnovers and running 81 plays from scrimmage That's very little bang for the buck.
I thought Sam Bradford showed plenty of promise. Sure he made mistakes but rookie quarterbacks do that. But the Rams will need better balance in future games. I like the fact that coordinator Pat Shurmur isn't afraid to let his QB make plays. But if the Rams are going to win some games, they'll need more yards from Steven Jackson. Mark Clayton was terrific in his debut but the Rams still lack a consistent downfield passing attack. That was obvious in the final two drives. They had plenty of time and time outs to take the lead but they didn't attack down the field.
The Cardinals obviously miss Kurt Warner. Had he played today there probably wouldn't have been last minute drama But I respect Derek Anderson for hanging tough and making some key throws when the Cardinals needed them in the fourth quarter. The Cardinals were ready to be upset but the Rams failed to capitalize.
I give high marks to Steve Spagnuolo--his team was ready to compete and I liked his clock and time out management in the first half. And I loved his daring decision to go for the touchdown from the one yard line on the final play of the first half. It's the kind of call I doubt he makes last season but having Bradford changes things. He made the play when it had to be made. He'll make many more big plays along the way. But there will be more tough finishes ahead as well. But I'll take 15 more like today and take my chances. Sure beats knowing the outcome at halftime.

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