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Tea Party Rallies in St. Louis, East & West Coast

   Political passion.

   The place to be on Sunday afternoon if you wanted a taste of the passion was the St. Louis riverfront.  The Tea Party held one of three rallies in St. Louis.  The other two were in Washington DC and Sacramento, California.  The St. Louis gathering drew about ten thousand people according to the Associated Press wires. 

   The political debate was spirited.  Not everyone was of like mind who attended the rally.  Participants debated health care. the economy, the role of government, deficit spending and the list goes on and on. 

   The Tea Party in St. Louis has grown from its origins.  In February of 2009 about five hundred people gathered on the St. Louis riverfront to hold a tea party protest.  Party organizers hope that these rallies signify that the Tea Party is a political force and has staying power. 

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